This event is being held in association with Fences Auctions, one of the most successful sport horse auctions in Europe. The Fences team will use the event as the Irish selection day for the Fences Elite Auction - considered the European benchmark for the sale of young sport horses. In 2018 the average three year old price was €27,600, with a top price of €100,000. The previous year seven horses sold for in excess of €100,000.

Fences Elite auction takes place in Bois Le Roi (France) from Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th September 2019.

What happens if my horse is selected for Fences Auction at the Three Year Old Loose Jumping Event?

If a horse is selected the Fences associate will agree with the sellers on an estimated value of the horse. Then the seller will have to arrange 16 x-rays (list of views is provided). If the contract is signed and the x-rays are good the horse is in the auction. The seller can not sell the horse prior to the auction.

The entry fees and terms/conditions: Entry fee of 550 € HT + vet expenses (16 X rays + clinic test realised by our vet when the horse arrive at the auction 100 € HT)

The horses have to be in Bois Le Roi on Friday 30th of August or Saturday 31st of August. If they are sold they leave directly with the new owner. If the seller buys back their horse(s), they must have leave Bois Le Roi on Monday 9th September.

The Fences Elite auction consists of five evenings of auctions. The auction starts around 8:30pm and finish around 12:00am. Between 20 - 30 horses are presented each night.

If the horse is sold in the auction the commission is 20% of the total price. Buy-back commission, under the estimated value, is 2.5% . Over the estimated value is charged at 12.5 %.

Fences - conditions of sale.